I worked closely with Peter Braithwaite Studio on a renovation project for my first home. The project had a small budget and tight timeline but, as this was my first opportunity to design something for myself and my family, we went into it with big ambitions to do something special. Pete and Ben worked tirelessly to make that dream happen.

What I appreciated most was their integrity – Pete and Ben are good to their word and they do not cut corners. That means, one, they delivered as expected, and two, all levels of construction – from rough framing to finish cabinetry, whether exposed or hidden – were built with the best possible craft. The two of them were an immense strength for the design side as well. I relied on their feedback and input from conceptual design to detailing, to make the project as good as it could be and to adapt to new-found conditions as construction moved along. I was thrilled that we all went along for the ride.

Peter Kolodziej, Intern Architect, Omar Gandhi Architect Inc.


There is no doubt about the fact that Peter Braithwaite Studio care immensely about the jobs they choose to undertake and the work that they do. There are no corners cut, no shortcuts taken - it is craft above all.  It is this approach to craft, coupled with a tireless work ethic, pursuit of design clarity, and a collaborative approach that really brought Sattva boutique to life.

 Sarah Bannerman Andrews, Owner + Operator of Sattva Boutique


As for Peter, he was very competent with our project and I would certainly hire him again. I have a unique perspective as I am also an architect and can therefore speak highly on both his background / training as well as his work. As an ambitious design-builder, he is able to tackle the larger picture of a project (coordination, scheduling, finances, design, etc.) while also having a refined eye for detail and craftsmanship. 

His respect and knowledge for design, craftsmanship and materials, along with his ability to listen and work with his clients make him a very good choice. The proof is in the projects he's been producing.  

I also know Peter on a personal level and once again - I highly recommend him. 

David Bourque, Registered Architect, NSAA