Back Bay Studio

Situated along a rocky outcropping that overlooks Back Bay, the buildings that make up Peter Braithwaite Studio are sited within the culturally rich community of Terence Bay. This small fishing community, located along Nova Scotia’s eastern shore, is made up of rocking cliff faces and rolling hillsides that extend down to the ocean’s edge. It is along this shoreline you will find our Back Bay Studio that houses the design aspect of Peter Braithwaite Studio. This building expresses the firm's commitment to maintaining design excellence and the highest level craftsmanship while exemplifying our studio's commitment to stand behind what it builds. 

Design: Peter Braithwaite

Construction: Peter Braithwaite Studio (Peter Braithwaite + Ben Biggley + Devin Harper + Jeff Shaw + Ryan McNeill + Tom Lutes + David Burlock)

Photographs: Julian Parkinson (Format Films) + Peter Braithwaite