SattVa is a conscious lifestyle boutique that sells women's clothing, yoga apparel, moisturizers, and other beauty products. Sattva also serves as a host to yoga lessons and other workshops. The company’s ethos is based on conscious consumerism. It supports local producers, focuses on eco-friendly and socially conscious companies, and looks for companies using ethical methods to create clothing and accessories.

The store is located on Agricola Street in the North End of Halifax, a part of the city that is rapidly changing into a shopping and business district. SattVa is the latest of 62 small businesses to open. 

Working closely with the owners, our goal was to create a versatile space that could support multiple uses, while also supporting the high end product line. The exterior of the building is representative of the change in the urban fabric of this area of the city. A new modern storefront is cut into a residential building, creating a mixed-use building that foreshadows future development.  The furniture for the store was also created by Peter Braithwaite Studio; its focus is on simplicity and craft. The clean lines and high level of craft support the quality of the products that they display.

Construction and Furniture: Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. (Peter Braithwaite, Devin Harper)

Architectrure + Design: Shane Andrews, Peter Braithwaite, Devin Harper

Photographs: Julian Parkinson, Peter Braithwaite