After spending many years working in both the architecture and construction industries, Peter Braithwaite Studio was established as a desire to create a company that encompassed both design and construction. Since its establishment the company has completed many interesting and exciting residential and commercial projects as well as excelling in cabinetry and furniture design. Our dedication to design excellence and the highest standards of craftsmanship is evident in the execution of all our project to date no matter the size or scope involved. 



Peter Braithwaite Studio represents the collaboration of a number of extremely ambitious and dedicated individuals that share the common interest in exploring the benefits that the intersection of design and construction can offer. Rather than approaching design and construction as two separate entities, our team recognizes that building is the medium through which design ideas con be expressed. For this reason our team is made up of individuals that not only study design or building but rather each of our team members have a deep understanding and respect for both disciplines. 

By approaching each new project as an exercise in both design and construction we feel we are able to streamline the process of creation and eliminate the adversarial relationship that can arise between design and builder. Our streamlined approach to project delivery not only benefits the timeline and schedule of each project but we find it also helps to decrease the number of administrative cost a project will ensue that in turn helps to maintain project budgets.