Hydrostone Renovation

This project was an extensive renovation to a house in the renowned Hydrostone neighbourhood of Halifax. The neighbourhood was designed by British architect Thomas Adams using garden city principles. It was designed after the Halifax explosion in an effort to provide housing for the working class who had lost their homes. The explosion was the reason behind Adam’s proposal of the non-combustible stone construction material, made up of concrete blocks finished with local crushed granite. Exposing this stone became the main focal point of this renovation. High quality craftsmanship and minimalist modern details compliment the exposed stone, responding to the character and the context of the home.

Architecture + Design: Peter Kolodziej and Peter Braithwaite 

Construction: Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. (Peter Braithwaite, Ben Biggley)

Structural Engineer: Andrea Doncaster Engineering Ltd.

Photographs: Peter Braithwaite