Better Business Bureau

For over a century overall, and since 1949 in Atlantic Canada, BBB has set and upheld high standards for fair and honest business behaviour and Peter Braithwaite Studio is proud to be an accredited member with an A+ ranking. 

Canadian home builders association

Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. is a member of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) which has been "the voice of Canada's residential construction industry," since 1943. As stated on the CHBA website, “CHBA seeks a strong and positive role for the housing industry in Canada’s economy and in the life and development of our communities.”

NOva Scotia Association of Architects

Peter Braithwaite is a registered and licensed Architect with the Nova Scotia Association of Architects. 

Dalhousie School of architecture

Peter Braithwaite is an Adjunct Instructor at Dalhousie School of Architecture. Understanding the value and benefits of maintaining strong ties with the academic community, Peter teaches first and second year Design Courses and various seminars on an annual basis at the at the Architecture School.


Royal Architectural institute of canada

Peter Braithwaite is a member of the RAIC. As taken from the RAIC website "the RAIC Foundation is committed to advancing excellence and knowledge in Canadian architecture by supporting programs that ensure a vibrant place for architecture in Canadian society, the advancement of excellence in architecture, and a strong architectural profession throughout Canada."


Atlantic Home Warranty

Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. offers a 7 or 10 year warranty coverage through their membership with Atlantic Home Warranty (AHW). As taken from the AHW website, "Atlantic Home Warranty is the largest non-profit new home and renovation warranty provider in Atlantic Canada...As the industry leader in warranty coverage, Atlantic Home Warranty is recognized by CMHC and leading lending institutions in Atlantic Canada. Warranties are frequently requested for new construction and reputable warranties increase access to high ratio financing."


Workers' compensation board of nova scotia

Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. is a member of the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. takes great care in maintaining the highest safety standards to ensure a safe workplace for its employees. 



Red Seal Carpenter 

Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. is proud to have a Red Seal Carpenter, Tom Lutes, coordinating and managing our construction projects. As taken from the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship website, "the Red Seal endorsement is a recognized standard across Canada, one that employers look for as an indication of skill and competency."






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