Keeping in line with the ethos of Peter Braithwaite Studio, the Back Bay Joinery Shop provides space for Peter Braithwaite Studio to test and develop the design ideas that are created in the Back Bay Studio. 

In collaboration with our design team, our skilled carpenters and cabinet makers use these shops to develop architecture models, build 1:1 scale design detail mock-ups, and fabricate much of the furniture and millwork that can be found in the buildings we create.

The design of the buildings display a simple gable form and a humble material palette, which reflects Peter Braithwaite Studio's dedication to honouring the vernacular forms and material culture of the place in which buildings reside.

Design: Peter Braithwaite  

Construction: Peter Braithwaite Studio (Peter Braithwaite + Ryan McNeill + Tom Lutes + Devin Harper + Ben Biggley)