Attic Cottages

Situated in the rugged landscape of Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, the Attic Cottages provide the opportunity for a temporary retreat from urban life whilst remaining proximate to city life. Terence Bay offers outdoor enthusiasts with the possibilities of rock climbing, biking, and kayaking alongside the beautifully sculpted shorelines. Inspired by the natural opportunities nearby, the Attics are designed to be formally rooted in their landscape. The minimal nature of the Attics’ form and finishes aims to encourage occupants to look beyond the architecture and instead engage with the present landscape.

As the form and structure of the building coincide, the repetitions of internal structural bays offer simple spatial divisions that help to delineate and guide the internal programs. The crank in the plan creates hierarchy and separation between the two resulting spaces, offering larger, more public spaces immersed in light, and smaller, intimate spaces behind them. An upper crawl space creates a place of refuge, and offers a contrasting view of the expansive landscape from a higher datum. Inspired to extend from, and direct focus back to the natural landscape, the Attics offer a rural retreat within the limits of urban society.

Architecture and Design: Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. (Peter Braithwaite + Matt Gillingham)

Renderings: Yurii Suhov and Ryan Nelson

Drawings and Models: Cait Stairs, Matt Gillingham, Kyle Cheeseman, Clair Robertson