What we do

Peter Braithwaite Studio is a Halifax Design and Build Contractor. We are dedicated to design excellence and the highest level of crafstmanship. Our passionate, committed and highly-skilled team of designers and carpenters are an important asset to any Design and Build project. We believe that our dedication to the craft of making enables us to produce buildings that are both environmentally and culturally sustainable. This in turn enriches the environments and communities in which our buildings reside.



After spending many years working in both the architecture and construction industries, Peter Braithwaite Studio was established as a desire to create a company that encompassed both design and construction. Since its establishment the company has completed many interesting residential and commercial projects as well as excelling in cabinetry and furniture design. Our dedication to design excellence and the highest standards of craftsmanship is evident in the execution of all our project to date. 



Peter Braithwaite Studio represents the collaboration of a number of ambitious and dedicated individuals that share the common interest of exploring the benefit found in the intersection of design and construction. Rather than approaching design and construction as two separate entities, our team recognizes that building is the medium through which design ideas can be expressed. 

By approaching each new project as an exercise in both design and construction we feel we are able to streamline the process of creation and eliminate the adversarial relationship that can arise between designer and builder. This streamlined approach to project delivery benefits both the timeline of each project and decreases the number of administrative costs. This ultimately ensures all our projects maintain timelines and remain on budget.